Dog Rescuer Who Gets Fined $1200 Wins Hearing With CAN's Help

Liticia Rodrigues had rescued a pack of dogs in Brooklyn, taking them to the veterinarian, vaccinating and altering them. But when the NY City Health Department heard about her efforts they gave her summonses for not licensing the dogs. Not knowing who to turn to Leticia called PetNews for advice. We assigned her an expert legal representative and all of the summonses were dismissed. Leticia continued to take care of the dogs.

A Beginner's Lesson on How to Ride a Horse Without Cruelty

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Our Urban Cowboy segment with a riding export will make you confident enough to try a real horse the next time you get a chance. We went to the Dixie Dew Riding Stables in Queens, New York where we got a lesson on how to mount, control, ride, gallop, turn, slow down, and dismount from the horse. For those in the humane community who believe that horses should not be ridden, rest assured that this horse was not specifically trained for us.

More Studies Show Animal Cruelty to be an Indicator of Violence but Courts Again Ignore It

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Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that animal cruelty is an indicator of future human crime , the Courts again gave a slap on the wrist for two kids who poured gasoline on a chained up dog and set it afire. Granpa', the old Husky mix who had to live his life at the end of a leash in a back yard, was burned by the two. Repeating past lenient treatment of those who commit animal crimes, the courts did not even give them a jail sentence.

NY City Police Commissioner William Bratton Speaks With Pet News !

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Millions of animals' lives are at stake in a major urban city. The Police Department, along with the ASPCA in New York State, have the police authority to arrest and bring to justice those who abuse animals. Now the Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, William Bratton spoke with our reporter when he was still in New York on why animal crimes must be pursued whenever possible.


Are Tourists Supporting Cruelty By Visiting Countries With Poor Animal Policies ?

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Should tourists who visit countries with dismal animal welfare and treatment policies feel responsible for supporting the economic policies of that nation? Puerto Rico is one of those countries which derives a large part of its income from tourists who, sometimes unwittingly, are supporting the continual lack of care for Puerto Rico's street dogs and cats. Some tourists, however, "do the right thing"....


"Throwaways" Shows What Happens To An Unwanted Dog

 Thumbnail image What happens to the family dog (or cat) when he (or she) is given away to a neighbor, relative or friend? The report entitled "Throwaways" gives the first person point of view of what happens when the once beloved family pet is evicted from the family.

NYPD Officers Get Fired for Killing Precinct Mascot Beagle

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Fred was an older Beagle who had been found at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal by a compassionate police officer and taken to the 1st Pct and kept as its mascot. But two other police officers, who worked the night shift, got mad at Fred for making in a corner of the Precinct and took him to the city animal pound to be killed. When the daily media ran stories on the dastardly deed Police Commissioner William Bratton, well-known to be animal compassionate, suspended the two officers and them fired them.


Cougar Cub Kept by "Animal Lover" Causes Lifelong Deformity

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Why do some "animal lovers" want to posses wild animals in their homes? Psychologists have never done a study to determine why someone who claims to love animals would want to harm that animal by 1) taking it out of its natural environment 2) create an illegal wildlife trafficking trade which causes the death of up to 80% of the animal during transportation from one continent to another 3) causing the animal's suffering until the end of its life as severe bone de deformities occur due to an unnatural diet.


NYU Chimp Experiments Denounced by Physicians and Students

New York University's experiments on chimps draws condemnation from medical professionals and students alike. Notorious animal researcher Ronald Wood allowed to do lethal experiments on chimps related to studying AIDS. However medical professionals denounce such testing as useless to humans and accuse NYU and the researcher of bilking the gravy train of federal grants under the guise of medical research.









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