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”Vet Mobile

serves 10,000 th

pet guardian family in its

first three years

October 1, 2012

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Watch the half hour special broadcast on Russian national TV about NYC's success in reducing surrenders and euthanasia in animal control



Some of the Vet Mobile services available:

♥ dentistry

♥ most surgeries

♥ glucose curves

♥ FIV/FELV test

♥ Heartworm snap test

♥ Fecal test

♥ vaccinations

♥ Parvo test

♥ urinary and bowel blockages

♥ laser therapy

♥ Giardia test

♥ cherry eye tie-down surgeries

♥ eye and ear infections

♥ blood tests

♥ Mange

♥ Heartworm treatment

♥ splints and casts

♥ orthopaedics

♥ mammary tumors

♥ board certified specialized surgeries



New York City has become the lowest major region for dog and cat euthanasia in the nation, per capita, reducing its municipal shelter killing to just 1 dog/cat per 1000 residents. The previous lowest ever ratio was 1.3 in San Francisco, which only has a 750,000 human population base. New York City's previous lowest rate was 1.7 (2009).  No major region had ever reached 1.0, much less a major region 10 times the size of San Francisco. How did New York City accomplish this long presumed impossible feat? By introducing two major surrender prevention programs founded and operated by Companion Animal Network. A telephone "hotline" to assist pet owners in times of crises, called "The Safety Net" Hotline, and a super low cost full veterinary service, the "Low Cost Vet Mobile." It took only a few years since inception of these two surrender prevention initiatives for New York City to reduce its surrenders substantially enough to result in this historic breakthrough. Both were founded and operated by Companion Animal Network.

*proof of income status may be required

Sample prices :

First visit examination $25

Re-visit examination $15

Vaccinations $15-$35

Ultrasonic dentistry $250

● Blood tests $65-$95

● Deworming $15-$20

Ear cleaning $5

Heartworm test $39

FIV/FELV test $40-$50

Digital X RAY (2 shots) $75

Stool test $25 - $40

Surgeries at 1/3 -1/2 of regular rates

Call Our INFOLine for days, times, locations for the Low Cost Vet Mobile

INFOLine: 718-353-1878

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