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Humane Community in Long Island Elects Own Mayor

East Rockaway humane advocates band together to help elect one of their own as Mayor . . . . . .AND SUCCEED. The Georgia Wright Animal Foundation became the first known animal group in the country to have elected one of their own members as Mayor. Now you can duplicate what they did in your community so you too can have a humane municipality, town or city.

One Person's LIfelong Fight to End Sport Hunting

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Ex-marine Luke Dommer, founder of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, takes on the industry lobbyists and the Fish & Game Commissions in defending wildlife. This documentary examines the role the Fish & Wildlife Commissions play in altering the natural environment in order to be able to hold hunting seasons. See Mr. Dommer, an expert who has since passed away, explain the manipulation of the environment.

US Government Allows Notorious Dog Dealer to Operate

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For 30 years CC Baird operated a licensed random source dog dealership with the consent of the US Government. This, despite his numerous violations of animal protection laws and accusations of theft of dogs from backyards. One of the most horrific animal businesses in the world finally closed its doors in 2004. Not because of concern of the plight of the animals being victimized, but because a few concerned animal advocates worked tirelessly to get enough evidence to force teh government to finally take action.

Illegal Wildlife Trade Flourishes

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Millions of Americans and other Westerners purchase parrots, monkeys, and other wild animals from pet stores unaware that almost all such animals have been caught illegally and transported illegally into their country. Nor do they realize that approximatley 4 out of 5 smuggled animals die one way or another, either at capture, or during captivity or during transportation.

NYC Cop Shooting of Dog for Barking Covered up by Teamsters Humane Law Enforcement

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Ralph Rosetti owned a used furniture store on Second Avenue in the East Vilage in Manhattan. Sandy, a Yellow Lab, was loved by everyone in the commmunity, and spent his time lounging around the store. Once day, an off duty cop by the name of Fermin Archer, who had a history of threateing dogs with his gun, took out his gun and shot and killed Sandy because Sandy was barking. It was front page in the news. The animal community was outraged. Three were half a dozen witnesses. It was broad daylight. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's law firm agreed to take on the case for free (before Mr. Giuliani was Mayor). You would be amazed that one of teh top law firms in New York City missed legal deadlines and then pretended that there was "no case." The animal community moved on with their lives and a year later only Companion Animal Network was still trying to get justice for Sandy and Ralph Rosetti.


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