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Housing Tenant Faces Eviction Over False Bite Complaint

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Blackie was a 10 year old Labrador Retriever mix who could barely walk. But a neighbor who had a grudge against Alfredo Figueroa tried to use Alfredo's love for his dog Blackie as a tool for revenge by going to a hospital and reporting a false report of a dog bite. Because people with low income who live in public housing could never afford market rental rates the Figueroa family had no choice but to acquiesce to the Housing Authority's demands that they "get rid" of Blackie......which meant killing the innocent dog at the city animal shelter

Are Barnum & Bailey and Other Circuses Cruel to Animals ?

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Is the animal performance industry intrinsically cruel? Critics ask how Barnum & Bailey can deny the cruelty involved in the capture of animals from the wild and forced separation from home and family. Go inside Barnum & Bailey and others and see the day to day lives of circus animals as they get transported town to town, city to city, subjecting them to the heat, cold and other discomforts and dangers of transportation.

Do It Right Or Don't Do It At All !

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Millions of people rescue dogs from the streets but as many as half make mistakes which results in the animal ending up no better off than prior to the rescue, at best. So when Linda, a rescuer, saw a dog with her newborn puppies tied to a tree on a highway buried in a mound of snow, she dug up the dog and its pups. Linda had no reason to think that her efforts to save these innocent lives may not accomplish the intended goals, and may even put the animals in further jeopardy...


Are Tourists Supporting Cruelty By Visiting Countries With Poor Animal Policies ?

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Should tourists who visit countries with dismal animal welfare and treatment policies feel responsible for supporting the economic policies of that nation? Puerto Rico is one of those countries which derives a large part of its income from tourists who, sometimes unwittingly, are supporting the continual lack of care for Puerto Rico's street dogs and cats. Some tourists, however, "do the right thing"....


"Throwaways" Shows What Happens To An Unwanted Dog

 Thumbnail image What happens to the family dog (or cat) when he (or she) is given away to a neighbor, relative or friend? The report entitled "Throwaways" gives the first person point of view of what happens when the once beloved family pet is evicted from the family.

NYPD Officers Get Fired for Killing Precinct Mascot Beagle

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Fred was an older Beagle who had been found at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal by a compassionate police officer and taken to the 1st Pct and kept as its mascot. But two other police officers, who worked the night shift, got mad at Fred for making in a corner of the Precinct and took him to the city animal pound to be killed. When the daily media ran stories on the dastardly deed Police Commissioner William Bratton, well-known to be animal compassionate, suspended the two officers and them fired them.


Cougar Cub Kept by "Animal Lover" Causes Lifelong Deformity

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Why do some "animal lovers" want to posess wild animals in their homes? Psychologists have never done a srudy to determine why someone who claims to love animals would want to harm that animal by 1) taking it out of its natural environment 2) create an illegal wildlife trafficking trade which causes the death of up to 80% of the animal during transportation from one continent to another 3) causing the animal's suffering until the end of its life as severe bone de formaties occur due to an unnatural diet.


Greyhound Racetracks Dying Out Like the Greyhounds They Killed

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Do people who attend Greyhound races care that up to 90% of the dogs they saw that day are killed within 2-3 years? Do they care? This report goes behind the scenes of the monstrous Greyound racing industry for the viewers to see and hear for themselves the cruelty perpetrated by some businessmen and government officials.



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