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Browse our library of news reports, academic, governmental and scientific studies, television documentaries, interviews and live call-in with experts in animal control, veterinary medicine, dog training, agriculture, rescue, adoptions, spay and neuter, animal experimentation, vegetarian diets, animal law, and many more topics.Click on TV to Watch Promo Clip.

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Downloading and Streaming our Television Programs

This is a free service. Each news report, segment, and entire program is made available for download with full copyright rights granted for exhibition and rebroadcast. However, since not all the material in every segment has copyright owned by the producers of the Companion Animal Network, prior permission from the original copyright holders must be sought for re broadcasting if the segment downloaded has such footage. The Companion Animal Network Television Program was the very first regularly scheduled weekly series TV program about the world of animals. We launched in 1994 and other channels such as the Animal Planet launched shortly thereafter. We invite you to view our entire library of newscasts, live call-ins, interviews, commentaries and more. Please bear in mind.that your membership supports the work we do... to publicize mankind's atrocious behavior of victimizing its innocents.



What do celebrities do for animals? Find out with our Celebrities & Pets segment. At one time or another most of us have refused to "get involved" with animals who need our help, regardless of the severity of the cruelty which the animal is being subjected to. We justify our inaction by assuming that rich, famous, and powerful people have more moral responsibility than us. Our report shows how celebrities care for animals. Click on Title to Watch Clip.

Israel passes first animal protection law but the army shoots dozens of Palestinians' dogs Israeli army forces continue to shoot dozens of family dogs as well as homeless street dogs within the region of the town of Hebron in the disputed territories. Israeli Consul General Colette Avital speaks with Pet News international correspondent Jonathan Osman about this policy and the improvements for animals with the passage of Israel's first animal protection law. Click on Title to Watch Clip.

Housing tenant's dog falsely accused of biting leads to eviction of his family . . . . . . until CAN's Pet News reported it

Blackie was a 10 year old Labrador Retriever mix who could barely walk. But a neighbor who had a grudge against Alfredo Figueroa tried to use Alfredo's love for his dog Blackie as a tool for revenge by going to a hospital and reporting a false report of a dog bite. Because people with low income who live in public housing could never afford market rental rates the Figueroa family had no choice but to acquiesce to the Housing Authority's demands that they "get rid" of Blackie......which meant killing the innocent dog at the city animal shelter. Click on Title to Watch Clip.

Norwegian Navy's protection of illegal whale hunting and Sea Shepherd Society's protest results in collision between ships at sea. Dramatic video of a serious collision at sea. Behind the scenes footage shot while the international incident was developing was shown all over the world...precipitated by the insistence of the Norwegian Navy to not allow the disruption of illegal Norwegian whaling operations. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has for many years been bringing attention to nations such as Norway, Russia and Japan for their blatant violations of international treaties protecting whales from human consumption. Click on Title to Watch Clip.

Go Inside Barnum and Bailey and other Circuses and Zoos

From Barnum and Bailey to petting farms to roadside zoos.....what the public does not see. Now witness for yourself the warehousing, transportation, training, punishment, injuries which circus and zoo animals are subjected to. Plus interviews with circus employees who admit seeing cruelty on a regular basis. Click on Title to Watch Clip.

Beware who you give an animal to! From Seattle to New York pet theft by those who answer adoption listings is at an all time high. A favorite method of laboratory animal dealers is to send surrogates to adopt dogs and cats from those who advertise in newspapers and the internet. Watch a news report from just one region of the country and see why everyone should be very careful. Click on Title to Watch Clip.