Expert Discusses Breeding, Raising, and Saving Cocker Spaniels

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WALK and WGBB Radio talk show host Allison Leigh interviews Cocker Spaniel expert on the problems of breeding full breed dogs, genetic deficiencies, and discusses whether breeding dogs is ethical when so many dogs, up to one third being full breeds, are killed at animal shelter all over the world.

Pediatric Allergist and Obstetrician Talk About Children and Pet Allergies and Asthma

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Did you know that the latest medical studies reveal that children should be living with pets right from birth in order to assure that the child does NOT develop allergies? Our guests, two specialist physicians on childbearing and childhood allergies, bring the latest information to you. They explain that most general practicioner physicians totally wrongly advise their patients to "get rid" of pet animals if having young children in the household, when the latest medical research indicates that young children obtain natural immunity if raised with pets right from birth.

Create Political Power for Animals by Exposing Your Politicians' Humane Record

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Are animal caring people too "animal focused" to the point of ignoring the need to bring system-wide reform to the killing? By publishing a "Humane Scorecard" each and every City Councilmember's animal compassion, or lack of, is exposed, which leads to many more City Councilmembers to endorse animal friendly legislation. Find out how to do this in your community and bring REAL reform to the way our cities and towns treat unwanted, neglected & homeless dogs and cats. Create a "League of Humane Voters".


Off Leash Dog Walking Policies- Safe or Dangerous ?

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For the past 15 years New York City Parks allowed off leash dog walking late in the evening until early morning. The record has shown that far fewer dog/person incidents have occurred. Regardless, one civic group chose to lead an effort to take away off leash rights. This interview with the dog guardians who fought back is a model of how to advocate for animals.


"North Shore Animal League --- Rescue Partner for animals

 Thumbnail image How do "no-kill" shelters operate? Find out from one of the oldest "no-kill" shelters in the country. Located on Long Island, this organization has been rescuing dogs and cats for sixty years, way before "rescue" was common. Find out the mission of compassion of its founders and how this very successful organization began, expanded, and its nationwide programs.


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Cougar Cub Kept by "Animal Lover" Causes Lifelong Deformity

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Why do some "animal lovers" want to posess wild animals in their homes? Psychologists have never done a srudy to determine why someone who claims to love animals would want to harm that animal by 1) taking it out of its natural environment 2) create an illegal wildlife trafficking trade which causes the death of up to 80% of the animal during transportation from one continent to another 3) causing the animal's suffering until the end of its life as severe bone de formaties occur due to an unnatural diet.


Greyhound Racetracks Dying Out Like the Greyhounds They Killed

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Do people who attend Greyhound races care that up to 90% of the dogs they saw that day are killed within 2-3 years? Do they care? This report goes behind the scenes of the monstrous Greyound racing industry for the viewers to see and hear for themselves the cruelty perpetrated by some businessmen and government officials.









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