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Metro New York City Live call-in or Pre-taped Weekday
Cable Channel
Broadcast Time
Manhattan (web simulcast www.mnn.org) Pre-taped
34 or 82
11:00PM- 12:00AM
3rd Thurs
8:00-9:00 PM
Queens Pre-taped
8:00-9:00 PM
Queens Pre-taped
4:00-5:00 PM
Brooklyn Pre-taped
34 or 67
7:00-7:30 PM
Staten Island Pre-taped
12:00-1:00 AM
Staten Island Pre-taped
10:00-11:00 PM
Long Island (Nassau County) Pre-taped
20 and 115 or 34
4:00-5:00 PM


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Why have "Pit Bulls" increased from 1% of the dog population to 6%? Because they are great family pets.

Along with misreporting the state of the economy for decades the mainstream media has misrepresented the amazing story of "pit bulls." This breed had always been referred to as "the nanny dog" and was the dog of choice for kids in TV programs such the East Side Kids. However, the modern media's need to sensationalize the extreme cases of any issue in order to gain viewers and readers has re-identified this gentle breed as aggressive. Learn the story of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier in a documentary entitled "Pit Bull Paradox." Also, meet families who have adopted this breed and hear their experiences. Plus, meet Poochie, a Katrine rescued Staffordshire.

Dog Fighting Continues to Produce Violent Career Criminals in America

 Thumbnail image

Undercover videotape by the Humane Society of the United States takes us into the dens of the worst of the worst in America, Interviews with proud dogfighters in Louisiana will leave you wondering what kind of country you live in. Despite many university studies which have proven that those who commit animal crimes almost always escalate to human crimes, government and courts still regard dog fighting as a "behavioral" problem rather than the root of numerous evils. The Humane Law Enforcement Division of the Westchester County SPCA is our guest. They present compelling testimony and evidence that when a dogfighter moves into a neighborhood, drugs, violence, and crime always follow as it attracts these despicable elements of society.

Are the Use of Gas Chambers "Torture Killing" of Homeless Family Pets ?

 Thumbnail image

Our efforts to reform municipal animal pounds in Louisiana and North Carolina will leave you breathless. Live dogs try to climb out of 125 degree metal boxes in the summer heat and the lid is closed on their heads, packed in a "cooking" box for 25 minutes, screaming as the carbon monoxide gas pours into the box. Plus, our first hand documentary of what happened to pets during hurricane Katrina entitled "Why Not the Truth." Finally, lighten up and feel good when you watch the video of our monthly life savings rescue adoption transports of puppies from the south to our rescue partner North Shore Animal League, where you can go to adopt a dog or puppy saved from the gas chambers of the United States.

Veterinarian Kevin Kirk answers viewers' questions and gives advice on how to minimize your costs to keep your companion animal healthy

 Thumbnail image The cost of veterinary services has skyrocketed to an extent that poor people, the unemployed, the underemployed and even many working people cannot afford proper veterinary care. Meet a compassionate veterinarian who will answer your questions and give you good advice on how to proactively keep your companion animal healthy and out of the doctor's office. Learn how to get low cost veterinary services if you are on limited income or if you rescue an animal from the streets or from a municipal animal shelter.

New York City has been credited with making the most remarkable turn-around in the nation in animal control services

 Thumbnail image The recipient of the first "major city" Maddie's Fund grant, amounting to $9 million dollars over a 7 year period, as well as an additonal $5 million dollar grant from the rejuvenated ASPCA, New York City has reduced its "killing field" from over 100,000 dogs and cats a year to 18,000 in 2007. This historic government-rescue group partnership is being tested in the big apple. Meet the people and see how it has been accomplished. Also, the world premiere of the real life documentary made at NYC animal control, "God Spelled Backwards."

Newspaper's front page article casts doubts on major improvements at NY City Animal Control

 Thumbnail image The Queens-Brooklyn Ledger newspaper is an eight community newspaper chain who recently ran a major story on New York City animal control. The reporter, Jeremy Harmatz, who wrote the piece sits down for a one on one with Garo Alexanian, host of the C.A.N. TV program, who works closely with New York City Animal Control. Both the good and the bad are discussed with live calls taken from viewers.

Former park ranger wins the right to sue all police in NY State to force them to enforce animal cruelty laws

 Thumbnail image NY state law mandates that all police, sheriffs, troopers, and deputy sheriffs "must arrest" those commiting animal cruelty, but since no one had ever challenged the 100 year old policy of almost all police department's refusals to do so, the animals had no protection under exisiting law as many, if not most, humane law agencies in the state are dysfunctional. Mark Jurnov sued and the Appellate Court upheld the trial judge's decision to deny the Nassau County police's motion to dismiss.

"Animated Life With Dogs" and interview with Oscar nominated filmmmaker Paul Fierlinger

 Thumbnail image The Peabody Award winning film "Animated Life With Dogs" in entirety topped off with an interview with Oscar nominated filmmaker Paul Fierlinger. Originally broadcast on PBS, the film is autobiographical as a commentary of the filmmaker's lifelong relationship with dogs, from his life as a pauper in Communist Czechoslovakia to an educator in the United States.

North Shore Animal League --- Rescue Partner for animals

 Thumbnail image How do "no-kill" shelters operate? Find out from one of the oldest "no-kill" shelters in the country. Located on Long Island, this organization has been rescuing dogs and cats for sixty years, way before "rescue" was common. Find out the mission of compassion of its founders and how this very successful organization began, expanded, and its nationwide programs.

Off Leash Dog Walking Policies- Safe or Dangerous ?

 Thumbnail image
For the past 15 years New York City Parks allowed off leash dog walking late in the evening until early morning. The record has shown that far fewer dog/person incidents have occurred. Regardless, one civic group chose to lead an effort to take away off leash rights. This interview with the dog guardians who fought back is a model of how to advocate for animals.


Create Political Power for Animals by Exposing Your Politicians' Humane Record